Hounslow Social and Political Committee

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Who are we?

The HSPC is a national representative body of 11 Islamic Centres and Mosques, charities and centers.

The Hounslow Social and Political Committee is formed with an urge to work for the common good of society as a whole, encouraging individual Muslims to actively engage in the politics, helping them in integration, and encourage Muslim organisations to play an active role to tackle the extremism, raise voice against Islamophobia and hate crime.

The Hounslow Social and Political Committee is a democratic body, built on consultation, co-operation, and co-ordination among Muslim institutions and concerned Muslims throughout the Borough. It is a broad-based, representative organization of Muslims in West London, accommodating and reflecting the diverse social and cultural backgrounds and set of skills.

HSPC was founded in 2015 with the aim of protecting and promoting the political and social aims of the Muslim community of London Borough of Hounslow.

To bridge the gap between the community and help us all stand together and progress forward together regardless of religion and race.

Address the growing threat of race and religious issues including Islamaphobia and promoting awareness of the current social and political affairs directly impacting the community.

To work for a more enlightened appreciation of Islam and Muslims in the wider society.

Help the Muslim community and other communities in integration.

To work for the eradication of disadvantages and forms of discrimination faced by the community.

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Recent News

All the recent and upcoming events of West London.


Some achievements for our community by HSPC.

Holding our relaunch events in September 2016

Organising reconsolidation 'high tea' with the clp/blp delegates/officers

Launching youth engagement initiatives to encourage and engage Muslim youth in the community.

Holding hate crime seminar in partnership with met police and local multi-faith groups.

Arranging and successfully conducting charity commissions training.

About Us


Arif Rehman


Shafiqur Rehman

General Secretary

Zubair Awan


Shabbir Tabassum

Vice Chairman


Joint Secretary

Rashid Khan


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For any queries and suggestions feel free to contact us.

Contact Info

  • 228-230 Greatwest Road
    TW5 9AW
    London,United Kingdom
  • 07791802786
  • info@hspc-org.uk
  • hspc-org.com

Contact Form


  • 1) I am aged 16 or over
    2) I am a resident in London Borough of Hounslow.
    3) All information supplied is true and correct.
    4) If any of the supplied information is False or Misleading, or if I do anything that is deemed to be not in the best interests of the HSPC that my membership can be terminated.
    5) By signing this document, that I agree to abide by the conditions of membership as laid out in the HSPC Constitution.
    6) Attendance at meetings is by personal choice, I’m under no obligation to HSPC what so ever & can if I wish just receive or submit information, comments or ideas.
    7) I can opt out of being a member, receiving emails, newsletters and phone calls about the association or request that my details are not distributed out of the HSPC at any time.